Friday, January 15, 2010

now what

"She's a witch, I'm sure of it now." Lauren told Anita about Rae as they were hanging out in the commons for Ricky to show.

"Laurie, you know what they say about you, don't you?" Anita squinted.

"What?" Lauren scowled.

"You are a bitch." Anita looked at her innocently.

"And Rae is a witch. She'll do nasty things to Newt. I just know it." Lauren's lips tightened.

"He can take care of himself. He always does." Anita shrugged.

"Well, she's a bad influence. She is!" Lauren knew. She knew what that slapper was capable of.

"Must we talk about her?" Anita saw Ricky then and went to join him.

Lauren just scowled. How come it could never be that lovely with Newt? All that togetherness was sickening. Lauren prodded on as school let out. It looked as if she'd be on her own which was not unusual. Newt had his battles to pick, and she was just there to save him. She supposed. But this shaved head was really getting to her. How could he? Why? Why had he done it? It was as if he's lost the plot.

He was going crazy again, wasn't he? Well, she didn't have time for an alter ego. She walked on toward the shops.

"Lauren!" She heard a shout. She turned to see it was Dave. he'd remembered her name. She imagine he was about to ask her something about Sasha. "Are you free?"

She gave him an indifferent shrug, but she walked over, and he invited her for a juice.

"You sure you won't put anything in it?" She looked him over. Sober and sane at the moment, but who knew how long that would last.

"A lollipop, perhaps?" He smiled giving her a round ball sucker, in hot pink.

She took it out of the wrapper and examined it, wondering if it were possibly drugs or did he just enjoy watching her with it in her mouth. She didn't really give a fuck at the moment. She put it in her mouth.

"What is it?" She glared at him while he found them a table inside The Dog.

"Does it have to be anything?" He grinned, but he looked suspecious. "Perhaps, I just enjoy your company."

"But you don't know me?" Lauren winced as she sucked the sweet yet sour candy.

"You're a level headed lass." He kept smiling as if he had some sort of business to do with her. "You know Theressa right well, now don't you?"

"I suppose." So this would have to be about her. He got her a juice then. Perhaps, if she had him here, she'd get him to play the fruit machines for her. "What do you want?" Suddenly, her eyes were getting sleeply. She was something. She winced then. She could barely keep her eyes open.


past the point said...

Dave, is a bit creepy.

the oaks said...

Lauren is just mov'n right along..aye..

ellie said...

What has Lauren got herself into???

ivy's closet said...

Doesn't look good...but I can't wait for more.