Thursday, March 4, 2010

crossing paths

"Newt? Where were you?" Anita found him at lunch. He seemed a bit distant as if he'd forgotten to take his meds. Maybe.

"Are you all right?" Anita hadn't meant to be that upset. She sat her tray next to his.

"Of course." He just looked at her in thought. "I over slept. Maybe we should slow down."

"What?" Did he not want to see her now?

"No, no, its not that I don't want to. Its, you know, we need to recharge. Right?" Newt smiled.

"Sure." But immdiately Anita felt things were falling apart between them. How could that possibly happen after last night?

Newt kept smiling. The couldn't kiss in the lunchroom, but his index finger tickled her forearm.

"Just give me a couple of days. I might be coming down with something. I'd hate to give you a cold or anything." He pressed his lips together.

"Sorry." Anita felt bad for doubting him.

"I'll make it up to you. I promise." His stare was serious. Antia just nodded.

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ellie said...

oh wow...hmm..I wonder if she'll figure it out??