Thursday, March 18, 2010

just a little of you

Fuck. Newt was in a jam. What ever would he do? Sharing a life with his other side.

It was like Emo Newt was taking over. He wanted a big part of Newt's life. What the fuck could he do?

He knew Anita was calling. He'd left her hanging. He hadn't meant to, but Emo self had it bad for Rae. He thought he could control it, but then something happened. He didn't know what did it, but Emo was certainly coming out to play, leaving him in a vacum of sorts in his head. And Emo was not listening to him.


Emo: Not if I can count on it.

Newt: Would you just listen? It'll do no good to take Rae in. She'll do you in.

Emo: Not if I do her first.

Newt: Are you?

Emo: I already have.

Newt: What? When?

Emo: You were asleep.

Emo got the last laugh, and he was on his way to taking Rae somewhere. Newt didn't no where. No one told him anything. He might as well have been tied up and gagged.


ellie said...

such interesting developements.

the oaks said...

so crazy but I love it!

heath and nick said...

tiz wild indeed..Newt's alter ego..I knew Emo wouldn't be gone for good.