Saturday, March 5, 2011

completely so

"Don't go off on me, like that?" Nev squinted hard. Just what he needed, come home from work and have Rae spaz on him. He thought she might be meaning to beat him up. But he caught her grasp before she could give him a black eye. "Its not good for the baby, you know."

He was right. She just needed to keep calm.

"Don't you think I know you've been through enough as it is?" He pressed his lips tight, thinking she might be a crack house squatting by now if it weren't for him.

She could hardly speak. He took her in his arms, and they sat down in the posh yet plush green couch in the corner. It felt a little like being in a field of clover, except there were no bees.

"I love you. Simple as that. You can't, not know it." He pushed her dark blonde hair from her face. He kissed away the tears. She was finally settling down. Still, he was unsure what she'd do once the baby was born. Would they go their separate ways? Did she still want to give up the baby? She'd spoke of going to beauty school once, but that was in the beginning. They'd been here months. An awful long time, still, she didn't have much of a baby bump.

Rae seemed to be the easiest of the bunch, to be much more compatible. Nothing bothered her to eat while he was certain it was quite rough on Anita. She was always sick with a cold. He thought she just cried a lot in the beginning, but no, it was probably the baby. Maybe she was kind of allergic to it.

Nev knew he was an outsider. Still he felt it was more of a mystery here, than anyone really knew. Gaz doubted that baby of Lauren's was even his. He was used to it now. Newt, he was a flight bloke. One moment he was a genuine happy camper, and the next Mr. Sensitive. Nev didn't think Newt was anymore well than he had been. He was rather good at acting.

Nev looked into Rae's eyes. It came to him then. What if that wasn't Newt's baby? What if she wasn't even pregnant when she thought she was? What if that baby was his? It didn't really matter. The fact remained, did he want this badly enough to help the both of them.

Sometimes, he wanted this so badly to be a father, yet it would be for a life-time.


meg said...

Great last line.

ellie's desk said...

oh wow, I hope its his.

molly said...

I gotta wonder if it is his.

Holly said...

We will just have to see...=)

Through My Eyes said...

Killer post, love the last line (=