Wednesday, June 1, 2011

and then

"Shit..shit..shit.." Lauren couldn't break away from the word, until an impulse told her FUCK was a much better word. So she used that one instead, for every little pain that started to stir as the medics came to take her away.

Of course, Gaz was there every step taken. Holding her hand as if he had nothing better to do.

"What if its..the end?" She sputtered. It was an awful rocky start. She just couldn't think. She felt as if she might be melting. Yet, a pain would strike and stay with her for an awful long time. And another would begin when the other ended. It was misery. And she had Gaz to keep her company. "I want drugs. An a lot of them!" She ordered to any one who would listen to her fretful self. But a moan came then a whimper. Soon enough she was on a stretcher rolled down the white corridors. And a blaze of light practically burned her eyes out, with the people in blue all around.

"What the fuck?" She squinted hard.

"There, there, sweets, you'll be OK. Just a matter of time?" Was that Josh's voice she heard behind the paper mask?

"Fuck you!" She pushed him away. She felt as if he were a scavenger of some kind, sweeping in to what ever pooped out of her.

"Now, Now, Lorrie, be nice." She had Dave on the other side giving her a pat.

"Who fuck'n sent you!" She tried to jerk up, but she couldn't. She had to lay back and take it. Nurses coming over her to needle her with this and that. Jelly on her belly, more attachments came to monitor the situation. "This..this is just a fucking nightmare." It felt to her, they were going to do this, with or without her. "I hate you all..I hate you..I hate you, you know, both of you." She was practically spitting now. Josh rolled his eyes at that. He looked at Dave.

"I want Gaz. I want him..NOW! For fuck's sake, can't I have a little peace. With me and my man. Not you, pricks!" She gritted hard. Something was changing inside. Wanting to know the outside world. And she had to let it happen. Time was wasting. And then someone said she could push. She tried. She did. But it was so useless.

"I want to go to sleep now." She closed her eyes.

"NO!" The boys told her.

Then she heard Gaz, telling them to back off. How they had no reason to be here. "Let us be in peace!" She could hear Gaz, but she couldn't see him. That was all she wanted. To see Gaz. She needed to see him.

"Gaz! I want me, Gaz! Gaz! GAZ!" And that's when she heard the baby cry. She felt as if they were pulling the world out of her bum. It felt like a never ending rope caught up in her. And then she saw Gaz was holding the thing that was keeping her from him. A bloody baby, just about the color of herself. Her cry was so delicate, yet hearty. What the fuck, would they ever name it, she thought? Really, it had to be something special. It did. But what?

She could hardly wait to hold her baby daughter,


ellie's desk said...

Aw, poor Lauren. I don't think she wants Dave & Josh, around.

Summerlovee said...

Thnx :D

meg said...

Sweet! about the baby.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

I have never seen Hollyoaks, but I love your writing! I really felt for her, you described it all so well!

griffin said...

I totally loved this one!

Through My Eyes said...

Love the beginning to this post, lol. But i really loved this post (:

Red Reiding Hood said...

You're a great writer!
Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


dina vanessa mercado said...

great post!! love it.. enjoyed your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

Cuppykirsten said...

I love your writing. The beginning is funny (:

With love, Kirsten