Monday, January 25, 2010

ain't what you do .....its the time that you do it

Theressa was such a bad pussy, wasn't she? Rickey wouldn't dare mention it to her. As it was he was still basking in her pleasure of torture from last night. Naturally, he was alone now. And did his best to wash his face and be off to school in the next fifteen minutes. But he couldn't quite get her out of his head. She was amazing. And she wanted him. How glorious was that?

He grinned all over as he tightened his tie and was on his merry way.

She was like candy. Reese's pieces, in fact. His cousin sent him some from the States. Honestly, it was his favorite treat. So was Theressa. He'd decided he'd call her Reesey from now on. Of course, he could do with a treat right now. But he knew that wouldn't happen. He got to school early enough, hoping he might find her, but he knew how she was. Late for everything, but for their little late night dates in his room.

Well, he'd just walk the halls and find his way to the commons for some nice reading. He supposed.

Think again. Theressa snatched him right there in the empty hall, dragging him by the tie into the girl's loo.

"Aw, you missed me?" Rickey grinned.

Theressa smiled and kissed him as she pushed into a stall and locked the door. He didn't dare ask how this was going to happened. He watched like a bystander as she undid his pants and found his business. He was hard before she ever found it. Ready and willing in fact.

It just didn't seem possible, but Theressa didn't seem to need his help. Just being quiet wasn't easy.


ellie said...

hmmm..what if they get caught.

simon n josh said...

well, someone is happy!!!

the oaks said...

that theressa is something.