Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the only difference

Really, Josh was worried about Lauren, but he'd let her go. She had school. He had classes.

Only the look on her face when he'd seen her early this morning. So lost. It was a bit sad to witness, and he had a good mind to lay down the law with that Dave. What the fuck were they doing?

"No, no, tell me you won't." Lauren was nervous when he spoke of him. "Just let it be. It was nothing."

"Nothing? How can you say so?" But he could see he was making her all the more nervous. He'd let her go. "You tell me if he tries anything else with you."

She just nodded. He'd promised her he'd not breathe a word to Sasha. But here she was coming out of class at the college.

"What? What is it?" She could read him like a book.

"Nothing. Worried about revisions, I suppose." He shrugged as they went for coffee.

"Really, when have you ever worried of revisions?" She gave him a nudge.

"I should worry more, the band and all is taking far too much time from my studies. I just have to compromise." He told her.

"Is that all there is to it?" She winced.

"Of course." He faked a smile.

"You have to stop worrying about me." Sasha informed him then. "I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself."

"Yeah, of course." He felt miserable about not telling her of Lauren's mysterious outing with Dave.

"Its that Archie, isn't it?" Sasha gave him a stare.

"Archie?" Josh winced. He hadn't thought of that man-whore in ages.

"I've moved on, you know, Joshie." She squinted.

"Yeah, of course." It hadn't crossed his mind just what she was up to, lately.

"I've met a guy." Sasha admitted. She went on to tell him about Jamie that his sister had had dealings with. His sister, Hannah thought she'd loved him too. Except, for that gang he was in and the drugs and so on. Really, he wasn't as pleasant as he was cracked up to be. But Josh knew if he said anything, Sasha was certain to go the other way and be on Jamie's side. Tell him how he'd changed for the better, all because of her. Of course. Something like that. So he held his tongue and listened to her rave about him as if was the next best thing to the new UK idol. Really, it was quite nauseating, but whatever. Sasha would have her fun with him and move on. He supposed.
"But its different this time," Sasha said. "I love him."

"You fall in love so quickly, Sash." Josh at least reminded her. "And he makes you think of Justin, doesn't he?" He knew Justin was her first. It always came back to Justin. That was why he'd never had a chance with her from the get go. But as usual, he was always there for her. Many a time, he'd stayed up nights with her from all the bad things that ever happened to her. He supposed that hadn't changed. It was just, he had her little sister to worry about now.


ellie said...

Oh, Sasha. Sweet they are good mates.

mazzy may said...

I hope Josh warns her about him.

a degrassi moment said...

Josh is a good mate. Hope Sasha sees that.