Saturday, January 23, 2010

filling the equation

Lauren was at a gasp when she awoke in Dave's bed. She was frightened because she hadn't a clue where she was, but the place was so cold, yet the bed was so was a struggle to want to go, especially with his hand resting on her belly as if it might be his possession. Naturally, he was sleeping soundly.

Lauren squinted hard, as she carefully pulled his hand a way and back on the bed. He barely budged. She hurried to find her clothes and took a look at the time on her cell. It was almost time for school. Lauren gasped once more. What had happened? This was freaking her out as she left Dave's flat and made her way down the brownstone steps. She looked at her messages. A ton from Newt and another ton from Sasha.

This did not look good. She didn't feel well, either. She felt so clumsy and a bit sick too. What had he done to her? She felt herself in tears, but she wouldn't let herself as she walked toward home. Just then she came face to face with Josh who was on the dark street so early.

"What are you doing out and about this early in the morning?" Josh stopped Lauren, grasping her shoulders out of concern.

"Nowhere." She winced.

"You coming from somewhere, aren't you?" He winced.

She squinted tears then.

"You can tell me, anything, you know." He promised. "I just got back from a gig, myself. The worst part about being in a band, you know."

Lauren nodded.

"Was it Dave?" Josh looked her in the eye as if he knew exactly what he was capable of.

Lauren finally nodded.

"I dunno." She paused. "I dunno what happened, Josh?"

"Were you drinking with him?" Josh was concerned.

Lauren shook her head, no.

Josh looked up at Dave's flat then back at her.

"How about a coffee?" He offered.

She shook her head, no. She needed to get home.

"I have school." She looked him in the eye.

"Just one cup. It might help. We can sort this out, you know. Sort it." He smiled as if he really did care.

Lauren finally nodded. She guessed it might help.


Pachi said...

lovely. that's talent, you know!

elliestories said...

I'm glad Josh showed up.

ellie said...

Glad Josh was there.

fan fic said...

Josh & Lauren? Possibly? =D

Pachi said...

You write anything other than this?

simon n josh said...

Glad Josh was there.