Thursday, January 21, 2010

never say never

"Well, have you told her, you've finished with her?" Theressa cornered Rickey in the commons. She gave him a hard look as if she might pinch his willie right there if he didn't do as he was told.

"Not exactly," he winced.

"Do it." She meant business. Really, it felt good to bully him. He was the first bloke she'd had where she could do as she pleased with him. It was rather uplifting. She liked being in charge. And something about being with Anita's boyfriend made it all the better. Or was it because it was a secret?

Theressa hadn't decided yet. Besides, she had pictures of him, naked. Would he like those about at the school? Really, he was a scrawny creature, but she'd had some fun with him in the loo at The Dog, just the same, and if he wanted to do it again...he had to behave.

She gave him the evil eye then. If he wanted a piece of this, he'd have to do as he was told. "I'll pop around once every-ones asleep." She whispered in his ear then.

She saw him slightly shiver. "You best have told her by then." She snubbed him quite beautifully and walked away as if he might be her whipping boy.


Theressa couldn't keep her word. Exactly. She had to have him. She just did. She came in through, Rickey's bedroom window, eager for something. And naturally she smiled because it really didn't take much to make him hard. Honestly, it was quite fascinating to her. She drove him mad with her little routine of undressing him. Then herself. People might even pay for that kind of show. But the necessity at hand was to find what he was really made of. To hear his sighs of excitement and groans of pleasure as she went down on him. Yes, Theressa was quite pleased with herself. Especially, when he promised no one would ever touch it, but her.


the oaks said...

wow..she moves fast.

ellie said...

she is demanding.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaa...I wasn't expecting that.


Syed (dapper kid) said...

:O That was pretty unexpected, but wow.

elliestories said...

perfect title.

mazzie may said...

wonder what the next update will be like.