Saturday, January 30, 2010

in the twilight

Honestly, Newt didn't want to wake up from this. It was so fascinating. He noticed the goose bumps on Anita's belly as he traced them with his index finger, and he also noticed how ticklish she was. It made him smile, there in the twilight of the evening.

Like a gift, long over due, he'd uncovered her and with delight, he couldn't take his eyes off her. He kissed her belly then as his finger traced her inner thigh, and he found such joy in these little moments he was waiting to take it to the next level, but why let the shagging begin when there was so much more. Evidently, than he realised now. He had no idea of all the things to define, such a sense of her sex. And really all he wanted to do in the end was to make her happy.

Perhaps it had nothing to do with intercourse, after all.

Afterwards, he rested her chin on her pelvic area. Her legs apart. Perhaps a bit weak. He could imagine.

"I'm like a stone for you, you know." He hadn't a thought in his head to say it any better. It was true. He hadn't waned as he'd hoped. "Do you want to see?" Perhaps he'd put her to sleep. She sounded as if she'd enjoyed herself from before.

Newt rolled over then and sat next to her, his back against the wall. Of course, it was getting dark. She couldn't really see him, exactly. All the better. He loved being a mystery.

"What should I do?" She turned to him and leaned up on one elbow.

"I dunno. Touch it." He didn't want to beg, but he ached all the more when her fingers took the shaft. He bit his bottom lip wishing she'd kiss it. He squinted hard. Next thing he knew. She was there.

"What are you doing?" His eyes shot open.

"You said to sit on it." She informed him. Suddenly, he felt on fire. A contained one at that. All her doing. Her little moves were incredible. But still it was all so unprotected. He was definitely a believer in safe sex. Until now,  as he was about to explode. It was such an awakening.

"No, I didn't." He winced. "Swore I didn't."

"Sorry." She squinted.

He let himself go. He couldn't wait. He couldn't wait forever.


Carmen said...

Thanks again :)

the oaks said...

WOW..I just thought you needed to know that.

Cait said...

very very..umm..well, it made me smile.

cass and cady said...

sooooo wonder what's next????

fan fic said...

you know how I fell about them..=O

ellie said...

I like the new color..too.