Sunday, January 31, 2010

sweet dreams

Lauren could feel sleep setting in, after her hot bath and getting into bed. Only she made one last effort to call Newt, but she only got his voice on the machine.

It didn't matter, she thought. It was best to wait it out. She guessed. But how many of these times could she wait it out? She was tired of him, on again, off again. She was beginning to think he had a personality problem. Maybe that was it. He was weird, but she loved that about him. Still, it was very frustrating.

Of course, when she closed her eyes all she could see was Dave's face. That horrid smile of his as if he had something planned all along. Why was she so stupid? Well, she would not be going near him again. Never. Just as she was about to turn off her phone, Josh rang her.

"How are you?"

"Not bad." She shrugged, thinking it was odd to hear from him. Usually, it was the house phone he was on and he'd ask to speak to Sasha. "You know, Sash isn't here."

"Figured as much, just wondering how you been. If you were better now." He told her.

"I dunno. Tired."

"You need your rest." He assured her.

"I know. I will." Lauren yawned.


"What are you doing?" She found herself asking. She imagined him out with his mates having a drink. Probably getting ready for the club. Something fascinating, she supposed.

"Doing laundry."

"Josh does laundry?" She almost laughed.

"I'm afraid so. I'm not a real rock n' roller, you know."

She smiled when he said that. She could feel him smiling too. Lauren caught herself thinking about him. Wishing she had a bloke like him.

"Best let you get your stuff done." She sighed.

"Yeah, and you need your rest."

"Yeah, will do." She hung up soon after that and hugged her pillow. She thought of Josh. His smile. Yeah, she might get to sleep with thoughts of him.


elliestories said...

aw..he's doing laundry. Nice to see guys doing stuff like that.

cass and cady said...

I'm glad Josh is being a friend.

simon n josh said...

Really, Josh seems quite sweet.

the oaks said...

Definitely, quite cute.

ivyoaks said...

Josh definitely needs to get more action.