Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its like this

Lauren hated the thought of Newt out with Rae even if he said he only wanted to help her.

"Help her do what?" She was tense about this. Rae was just a runaway, wasn't she? The moment Lauren heard her name she knew she'd hate her. She couldn't help it even if her sister tried to sooth her fears. It would be trouble. She just knew it.

"You don't know that for sure? You have to trust him." Sasha remained positive about it. Funny, how she could be so Pollyanna about this when she was a nervous wreck about her own blokes she were seeing.

Lauren rolled her eyes at that. She tried her cell again while Sasha was making tea. Naturally, nothing from Newt. She should have expected it. Really. Why did she put up with this evasive prat (she was beginning to think)? He didn't make it easy to love him. That was for sure.

"Just calm down." Her sister made a brew and sat it before her with a few biscuits and jam. "Once he's here, you'll be all lovey and it'll be fantastic."

"Until then, I'm on pins and needles and on my way to being a right nutter, now am I?" Lauren gritted. Really, she had to be not so dependent on him for her happiness. As it was he was a damn emo super hero, now was he, trying to save the poor and wretched from the ills of the village.

Sasha handed her a dark plaid green dress then. "Here, take this apart and make something new out of it. You're good at that sort of thing."

Lauren shrugged. Yes, she loved to remake things, design them to her own need.

"Thanks." Lauren could barely say. She sipped her tea then, trying to be positive, but the dreaded nightmare took over her once more. The thought of Newt snogging that wretched Rae. How would she ever overcome this?


simon n josh said...

Thanks for the note. I like this.

ellie said...

Aw..this should be fun.

fan fic said...

Great, can't wait for more.

the oaks said...

Maybe we'll know the real Newt..huh?

elliestories said...

I think I'm going to like this.