Wednesday, January 13, 2010

never gonna get it

So just how was he suppose to explain this? He and Rae were fooling around.  Not really. It wasn't that way at all with Newt. He was just trying to go in cognito. They'd decided it was for the best and..and he let Rae shave his head. She did a right nice job, he thought. And she said he was so fit. It was a daring look, indeed. Not too many people could carry off, but Rae said he could most definitely. But he wasn't so sure what Lauren would think, nor how she'd feel that he'd let Rae do it. She was the sensitive sort even if she claimed he was the sensitive one. It was just a change. That's all. It could grow out. Even so, he kind of liked it. He did. No hassles. No worry. Really, what was the big deal?

"Jesus! What the fuck have you done?" First words to come out of Lauren's mouth the next day at school. "How could you?"

"Well, I love you too." He said hateful right back at Lauren. "Maybe, I don't give a fuck what you think." He shrugged all sullen. She was so good at putting him in a mood. Newt swore they fought more than they made up lately. Perhaps it was time for a complete change. Perhaps Rae was the answer. She was much more laid back than Lauren. Not trying to run his life, constantly. Nagging him about grades, his revisions. Shit. Lauren was a pain in the arse, come to think of it.

"Its just not you?" Lauren complained. "It'll take some getting used too. Why did you do it?"

It was hard to explain, but Rae had some twats and pricks, after her. And now they'd found him out too. It wasn't that he was into drugs, really, but they seemed to think he was her new dealer or pimp or something. He had to save her. He just did. She didn't deserve being on the streets like that. As it was, he'd found her a safe place in the attic at the library. Nobody went there. And, well, he couldn't exactly tell Lauren what had happened, because she'd never believe the truth. He'd spent the night with Rae. He didn't want her to be alone.


ellie said...

that would be a shock.

the oaks said...

He can be sweet..but who's he sweet on???

elliestories said...

It would be a shock to see him that way.

mazzie may said...

I liked their conversation.

fan fic said...

I do love his vulnerable look.