Wednesday, January 27, 2010

so vulnerable

Newt smiled instantly when he met Anita in the hallway. In fact, he'd scared himself. Indeed, she was beautiful. Could he possibly be in a sick love with her, and it had just now donned on him.

He winced then thinking maybe he was not his self. Usually, he made up people in this vivid imagination of his. Could he be one of those people? Was he making shit up? Did he have it bad for Anita? Really, he thought he might shit his pants.

Well, he wanted to be tough. Sort of. Not completely. His vulerable lips were like a little boys and as he neared Anita, he was so warm with the biggest hard on ever. He slipped into the loo then and leaned against the cool tiles. God, maybe it was the weather. He had to get it together. Now. Act his cool self. Not some school boy having a hankering for a shag with one of his best mates in the world.

"Christ!" He murmered as he began to shake in a cold sweat. He had a good mind to think his meds were playing a trick on him. But he had to take them. Had too. Or his whole world might come unglued. He splashed water on his face. He was just a chav, after all. Now wasn't he?

Newt didn't like being this weak. Besides, Anita had a boyfriend, didn't she? As soon as his hard on let down a bit, he slipped out in the empty corrider and found his way to class. He'd have to make an effort to be with himself today. Alone.


ellie said...

I like that picture of her. Hmmm..well, Newt is well...something for Anita.

the oaks said...

Hopefully, he'll be good for her.

cait said...

wow..I feel a bit bad for him, but hmmm..we'll see.