Monday, January 18, 2010

a sparkle

Anita noticed Rickey was keeping his distance. He had now, for sometime. Ever since, it almost happened. Almost. Well, they didn't speak of it now. It just hadn't gone well, and she knew who's fault that was. Theressa's. Yes, her best friend was her enemy. She'd stolen Rickey, and lord knows what really happened. Neither were saying. Even if he had done his best to make up with her. Anita was beginning to think they hadn't made up at all.

It was so depressing, and she knew she looked to be the saddest in the lot about it. She didn't want to be. She'd walked alone through the park after they'd gone their separate ways at school just to find Newt huddling in the cold with his mobile.

"What's wrong?" Anita looked at him puzzled. It was good to see him, but she wouldn't dare let on. Honestly, he hated to be made over, and she was doing her best to ignore him, but it was hard.

"Fuck," he said under his breath. "She's really done it this time."

"Done what? Who?"

"Lauren." He scowled as if he'd had enough. "She's giving me her silent treatment, as usual. Just because I was trying to help out Rae, you know. Just a little help was all she needed."

"Oh." Anita hugged herself.

"Not like anything happened." Newt looked at her as if she had to believe him.

"Of course." Anita didn't know if she bought it, completely. The truth was when it came to nothing happening, she was your lass.

"You believe me, don't you?" Newt stared at her.

Anita just smiled and nodded.

"You want to do something?" He smiled back.

"With me?" She found that hard to believe.

"Its so easy to be with you," Newt grinned, and he took her hand, and they walked toward the ice rink.

"I dunno." She couldn't help but smile.

"I'll catch you if you fall, promise." His hand felt so good in hers. She hardly noticed his shaved head, at all. He had it covered up under a silly crocheted hat. Anita could hardly wait to get on the ice with Newt.


ivy's closet said...

definitely the beginning of something sweet.

ellie said...

wonder just what newt is getting at.

past the point said...

They are sweet together.

Carmen said...

Thank you :-*

mazzie may said...

Could this be the beginning of something???