Wednesday, January 20, 2010

little moments

Newt felt a relief when Anita took him up on his offer to ice skate. At least, he wouldn't have to bother with Rae. Something hadn't set right with him exactly about her. He had a good inkling that she was wanting Gaz. Not him. She just wanted him to look like Gaz.

Well, he wasn't Gaz, now was he? And honestly, his one true friend was Anita. She was a good listener. And he honestly loved doing nothing with her. And before he knew it, they were laughing, wobbling along on the ice. And it was good to see her not worrying about Rickey.

But it wasn't long until they went crashing down on the ice even if he had caught her fall. They laid there on the ice together, laughing so much that shivering wasn't in their vocabulary.

"Come on, keep trying." He urged for them to get back up and keep going.

"As if I'd make the Olympics." She giggled.

"Well, neither would I." He promised. They held on to each other and pushed themselves on the ice to make another round before they decided hot chocolate was a must.

"Honestly, I really wouldn't dwell on Rickey, so much. When the time comes, you know, the shagging, it'll find you." He told her later in the park as they were warming up the the hot chocolate on a bench. Naturally, she wouldn't look at him, as if he'd stop talking about it.

"He's had his fun with Theressa." She took a sip of her drink then.

"Theressa?" He knew how she was, but when he thought about it, she could shag with or without a bloke and not even notice, half the time. "Best not dwell on her, either."

"But its hard, not to think about them, together, you know." She finally looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

"Yeah, its always complicated." He at least hadn't thought of Lauren for the longest while, he told her. "Have you really thought of Rickey when we were skating?"

She shook her head, no.

"Then we must continue these little ventures, don't you think?" He smiled. Anita smiled back.


ellie said...

umumum...what is on his mind???

the oaks said...

he's such a good friend.