Sunday, February 7, 2010


Newt wrestled in his sheets. He had so much on his mind. Why couldn't he stop thinking about Rae and think of Anita, only?

Really, it was quite beautiful. It was, being with Anita. It was absolutely, brilliant, in fact. Or he had felt. He had, but now, Rae came to mind.

He thought of so many warm showers where he'd whacked off, that turned cold in the end. As if she wasn't really real, after all. God, she was a creeper. Creeping him out. Wanting him to do such ruthless shit with her, like knocking off shops. Vandalism. She found him pretty gnarly with a spray can. Whatever. That was over,  but he was still glad he got her way from that fuck'n Gaz. Newt could only do so much. Couldn't change her true colors if he tried. She was a feline waiting to pounce, and he wouldn't have any of it. He woke at daybreak, whacked off the early morning hard on, snoozed til..well, he thought it was the alarm. But he awoke to the sound of sirens hissing.

"What the fuck!" He sat up. Jesus, what was wrong with this village! He dressed, pulled on his socks and shoes and went to the kitchen just to find Darren, Frankie's step-son, drifting in, in a drunken stupor. What a laugh, but disgusting, to say the least. Frankie smacked him with the newspaper while she got Newt his porridge.

Newt gave her a snarl. He hated it, but this was all she had in the cupboard in the morning.

"I hear there's a fire in the neighborhood." Darren stammered.

"What?" New winced, thinking Darren was just a fool. At most Darren was a bartender on a good day, but now days he was just a drunk that couldn't get hired and a wasted gambler.

Frankie went to the window. "Where's that fuck'n smoke coming from?"

Newt held his lips tight as he pushed the slop away. Really, it was always this disgusting in the morning around here.

"Jesus!" Frankie then yelped. "What the fuck is the library doing on fire!"

Newt's eyes sprang open. He thought he might choke as his heart pounded in his ears. Rae! She could be stuck there. He'd locked her in the room just to keep her safe. It was for her own good.

He jumped then, and grabbed his books.

"Where are you going?" Frankie looked at Newt.

"I have to go! I don't want to be late!" He grabbed his gray army jacket then and pushed his woolen cap over his ears. He had to go. Now. Before it was too late.


the oaks said...

Newt is so torn. What a family he has to be in, though.

simon n josh said...

He's got it bad for someone..but just who?

fan fic said...

one thing obviously remains real about Newt...=D

ellie said...

I'm pretty sure Rae is real.

The F Word Online said...

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xx lue