Saturday, February 6, 2010

perfectly so

What the fuck was he thinking, thought Josh as he couldn't help but feel this rush with Lauren. It was so amazing, leaving him weak and hungry for her. Was he no better than Dave? It was all Dave's doing, wasn't it? He'd turn him out to be the cad. Not him. That was the way Dave worked, he supposed.

But he wanted Sasha's little sister just as much as Lauren wanted him, pulling him in, letting him have his way. It almost took his breath away. He kissed her golden carmel skin with delight. She smelled of cocoa, practically giving his willie the hardest hard on ever.

He didn't want to hurt her. He wanted her just the same. Sensing her bliss. His puppet on his pinkie. She was making him a horny bloke through and through. What was he to do but, to suffice her little moans.

"It you let me cum in your bum, it'll be safer, that way, you know." He breathed behind her ear.  He wasn't sure if that was true, but he wanted it that way, just the same. She moved so like music to let him have a go then, as if she wouldn't offer the key to anyone else.

He grinned ever so much. No one had ever let him. It was a first. He just hoped it wasn't his last.


simon and josh said...

wow, josh is really...really something.

the oaks said...

shocking cool.

cass and cady said...

so unexpected.