Saturday, February 13, 2010

the hardest button to button

"Which one would it be..which one?" It rolled around Dave's tongue. He couldn't be sure if he said it or not. True, Lauren was on his mind, but enough of her. He liked to pull a trick when he could. It made him happy. Just a small satisfaction that got him through another day, another week. Otherwise, he'd be a very dull boy, indeed.

Well, Lauren was no where in sight. He'd looked for her at the shops. Even the park. Really, these days it was quite pathetic pickings. So this was what it was like to be vampire, he supposed with a sigh. When would this get boring for him? Never. He assumed.

It wasn't that he didn't like the parties and the clubs. He did. He could get off on them, but that was just for the weekends mostly. And he bore of his classes. It just wasn't enough. But getting a bird, dizzy and silly, that was showtime. And it was nice to have his way. Not that he'd ever think he was a monster, but he needed all the help he could get, sometimes. And yeah, it was way to take his mind off Josh.

There was Theressa, but she looked as if she was thinking of someone. And, she was just a tease. But it would be nice if perhaps he got her into perhaps his ways and not hers. Then there was India from his classes. She was a spoiled princess, indeed. Now that made him smile. But naturally, she was on her cell gabbing away with someone. He looked around then and saw Amy Barnes up the way.

He hadn't noticed her before. She looked kind of sad. Well, he didn't really care to find out why. But he supposed he'd just have to put on the charm and see just what the night might bring him.


Cait said...

dave..what kind of guy is he???

ellie said...

dave's such a monster.