Sunday, February 14, 2010

how will I know

How was Josh ever going to show Lauren that she was special? He thought of roses. But that was awkward. Her father might ask about them. What if people saw this college guy giving them to someone who looked more or less a middle schooler, even if she wasn't. What would he do?

He could hardly wait to see her again. He did want to be with her. Do things that weren't secrets. But this was the village. People would know them.

"Lets go to Chester, tonight." He saw her walking home, after school. Her father was nowhere in sight. "Could you tell your Dad your sleeping over at Anita's or something?" He winced.


"Then we could go to a club. Underground. You know, you'd love it. I know you would." He grinned about it as if would be amazing. No one would ask questions there. Everyone was in their own little world at those sort of raves. Music pumping. Dancing in the dark. Pills to be had. It was brilliantly mad.

But Lauren was quiet. A bit indifferent.

"Are you all right?" He thought of last night. It had been so satisfying, but he had his doubts now.

"I'm fine. Really." She didn't smile though.

"Lets have some fun, all right? Tonight?" He smiled wishing he could lean in and kiss her, but he kept his hands in his pockets. She said she'd come around 8 to his place. She'd be ready. Josh nodded. But he'd have to wait and be sure it went through. His luck, that father of hers would throw a wrench in it somehow and fuck the whole evening.

Naturally, Lauren got on her cell right away, just to tell Anita that she owed her a favor.  There was no way out of it, as far as Lauren was concerned. Next thing she informed her Dad.

"But its a school night?" He shook his head.

"Revisions, Dad. Revisions." She gave him the stare down. Soon she was packing her messenger bag with the essentials she'd need to transform into the date that Josh would need. Someone with some sophistication. She was most certianly ditching the school girl bit. At least for tonight.

Naturally, she was ahead of schedule. She was over at Josh's by seven. Again, she'd called Dad to make sure to let him know she was safely at Anita's. Thankfully, he didn't ask to speak to Anita.

"You don't mind, I'm early?" She smiled as if maybe something else might be in store for them than just the scene.

"Not at all." He was happy to see her. At least they could have some quiet time at his place. Catch up on some well deserved snogging for starters. It wasn't long until they were in bed, twisting and turning, down to the last thread of clothing.

"I just can't believe it," Lauren sighed in happines. "You, and me. Together." It was quite a simple equation.

"Well, as long as we don't multiple, we'll be grand." He laughed softly.

"Right?" She did remember how last night went. It had been such a shock. Actually. She sensed it would be like that again.

"You don't mind, do you?" Josh said with a slight concern.

Lauren shook her head, closing her eyes tight, wondering if her face would be smothered by the pillow yet, again. But instead he breathed her in, moving on to more ways to make her forget what had happened. As if the pain was just a small part of the big picture. The more she learned from his touches, the more left herself ready for anything he might share with her.

"You are still a virgin, you know." He whispered behind her ear when the time arrived. She gritted then as if to embark on some sort of sword play she had no idea the name of. Her fist clung to the sheets. Would they ever go to that club, tonight?


mazzie may said...

Josh is a bit of a minipulator.

Holly said...

Just a bit, I'm afraid.

the oaks said...

so easy to get sidetracked!

fan fic said... he possibly the best thing for her?

elliestories said...

oh oh oh..that Josh is so typical.

Ivyoaks said...

I don't think Josh knows exactly waht he's doing.