Tuesday, February 16, 2010

into the night

Sasha was none to happy to hear from Ste and his demands.

"Come around the back, in 15, I need a favor." She doubted it was really a favor.

She put on her make up and extra lippy. Just the way he liked it. After all, she worked for him. She still owed Warren's debt to him. Of course, this meant, he was just her bonified pimp.

"What is it now?" She wasn't feeling to outstanding as it was. It would take all the guts in her to get through the night. He had her booked til in the morning.

"Chop!Chop!" The phone went dead.

She hated him. It was as if she knew what Warren was made of now, even if he was dead. She supposed. But did people like him, truly go away for good. She thought her life would have turned around now. She supposed it to the outside world. It looked as if it had. But Ste had a hold of her  for good, about all the things he knew about her and had the film to prove it. He owned the night, and she was part of it.

"Why do you lasses have to go out every blessed night?" Her father complained.

"Because we have a life, Dad." Plain and simple. She was on her way out and had to stop by Ste's or else.

She drove Warren's little black sports car around to Ste's, and came in the back way like he said. There was a girl waiting in the kitchen.

"Who might you be?" She looked at her puzzled, seeing she was about her little sis' age.

"Um, Ste said you could help me." She looked so nervous and shy.

"I dunno what you mean?" Sasha looked at her as if she had nothing to do with nobody.

"A party, he says you'd get me ready for one." She hugged herself.

"Really?" That disgusted Sasha. What was Ste up too. "Come along." She supposed she could sneak her back in to her place. She guessed they could wait it a bit in the car. Her dad was sure to go to the pub like he always did. Lots of nights he never made it home himself.

So she got Rae in the car with her and drove back to the flat.

"Have you eaten?"

Rae shook her head, no. So as soon as Dad was on his way, she took her in and gave her leftovers from the fridge.

"Have you any inkling what you'll be up against tonight?" Sasha winced.

"Sort of." She nodded.

"You look like shit." Sasha told her. What was she to do?

She called Ste back. He picked up on the first ring.

"I don't want to do it." She told him.

"You have too," he first said. "You will!"

"Fuck you! She's just a kid!" Sasha screamed in the phone.

"Do you want me to beat you senseless." He said so calmly.

Sasha sighed, knowing he would. She bit her bottom lip.

"Find her something decent to wear. And give her something to take the edge off, will you? I want them back for more, got it?"

"Yes." She said coldly. "But really, there's no time. Waxing and the like."

"Well, get on it!"

Sasha rolled her eyes. They'd be doing good to hit the street by midnight, at this rate.

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