Monday, February 15, 2010


Just when it was about to get good. Going to happen with Rae. The door opened downstairs.

"Fuck!" Ste winced. It was Lorretta. "Get in the wardrobe!" He ordered Rae as he zipped up his pants. He was still painfully hard. He didn't think she'd be home this early from work.

Damn, he had to think quick. He nursed his bottom lip to think. Next thing he knew, she was upstairs in their room.

"What are you doing home?" She looked at him funny.

"Why waiting for you," He grinned ever so brilliantly.

"Really?" She looked so surprised.

"I've been thinking it over, what you said." He shrugged with his hands in his back pockets. "You know, us."

"Have you?" She gave him that sincere smile of hers.

"Yeah." He sighed as he came closer then and reached out for her. He kissed her, to shut her up, before she could even ask what was it that he wanted. She'd know soon enough as he fell into bed with her. "Lets get started on that family you've been dieing to have, aye?"

He pushed her ever so delicately down on the pillow. Ste was ready to get started. He Frenched her once more. Saw her smile. He could do this on autopilot. He supposed this wouldn't take long. It definitely wouldn't for him.


Cait said...

Fun to see Ste in a fix. hahahaa..

ellie said...

always on his feet..I guess.