Tuesday, February 9, 2010

like yesterday

Of course, Josh was gone when Lauren awoke. It was late. She had to hurry to get ready. She dressed and went downstairs to grab a muffin.

"Hold up, young lady." It was her Dad. "Who was over last night?"

Lauren looked back at him and winced.

"Dunno, what you mean?" She scowled.

"Don't think I didn't  notice how you were out the night before. I might have been at the Dog most of it. And last night, what was that about?"

"If you must know," Lauren sighed giving him the half smile. "It was Sash, Dad. Josh brought Sash home, all right. I helped him with her. She was drunk."

"Josh you say." He smiled too as if he had his eyes set on that bloke for Sasha. Not her.

"Dad, he's her best mate, crying out loud, get a life, will you." She'd had enough. She left with her muffin. Of course, she tried to act as if she didn't feel different but she did. She felt nothing like herself at all. But she'd do her damnedest to act normal. She'd get used to the little aches and pains of this sex stuff. She just would, because she wanted to see Josh again.

A slight smile came to her face. She had been with Josh Ashworth, and it was.....

Well, she could have done with more kissing. Just more. That's it. It was excellent. Yes, she had to keep telling herself it was excellent because she wanted to be with him. She needed him now more than she thought possible. She got out her cell to contact him. Of course, he wouldn't answer. She figured as much.

"Look, it was, well, sexy, OK. And, could I see you after school. Please." She hated to beg with her message. She hung up then thinking he'd think she was a nutter when he got this. Maybe he wouldn't. She hoped he wouldn't. She just wanted to see him again. Soon.


ellie said...

Lauren might be too crazy about Josh.

the oaks said...

I do have to wonder if he does care for Lauren..completely.

Heath and Nick said...

hmmmmm..that message to him. I wonder what will be next.

elliestories said...

does she really know what she's getting into?