Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a smile

Josh was just a little late taking the call. He laid there in bed listening to Lauren's message. He tried not to smile as he deleted it quickly. He felt a bit nasty now, having some fun with Lauren. He didn't want to admit that he liked it. Why in the fuck would he have been there in the first place if he hadn't taken Sasha home? It was only a chance of happening. It just sort of clicked. He felt. And now he couldn't be sure if it were lust or love with her. More like a secret than anything else.

What would Sasha think if she knew? Of course, Sasha wouldn't even shag him when she was completely drunk. Neither, he nor Lauren were drunk last night. And it felt amazing to be with someone who appreciated you. He liked being Lauren's hero. Was that what he was to her?

Of course, he was getting hard just thinking of her wanting to come after school. He smiled at the thought it could be more than just a visit. It wouldn't be tea, either. They'd definitely make the most of their time. Softly, he went back to sleep, thinking of Lauren.. having to sit there in class, minding her p's and q's and all the while thinking of him.

Before he knew it, he was whacking off. He was thinking of a rainy day with her here in bed with him. And it would be better than last night. They'd be able to really see each other when they touched, but then suddenly, Dave was in the dream. He was touching Josh. He was kissing Josh. It felt like a nightmare, suddenly.

Josh woke up with goosebumps, but he'd never had a stiffy quite like this. He wasn't sure if a cold shower would do much good, but he'd give it a try.


Anonymous said...

does this mean what I think it mean. josh does like dave????

mazzie said...

there might be more secrets to josh than we know. heheeee..

Lyle said...

Josh sounds a little messed up..huh?

left you a link about Lyle!!!

another skin said...

Well, Josh is quite the lover, isn't he???

simon n josh said...

josh..josh...josh...wonder where this is going???

cass and cady said...

looks like someone is ready for something.