Tuesday, February 2, 2010

need a second to breathe

Newt watched Anita walk away. He was happy. He couldn't quite believe it, actually. It was bliss and yet he knew he should be freaking out about it, but he wasn't. At least not yet. Naturally, his cell rang. He hoped it was Anita. But it wasn't. Rae. He winced. What had he got himself into with her. She was going to be trouble, wasn't she? He didn't need her worry now. He wasn't going to dare pick up.

Instead, he went straight home. Thankfully, there weren't left overs in the fridge. He was starving. He drank milk from the bottle and got out a packaged meal to heat up in the microwave.

"So what have you been doing?" His foster mother, Frankie, was all smiles when she saw him in the kitchen. She reached over to kiss him on the cheek, but he pulled away. It would be just his luck that he'd notice something different about him. Did he smell of sex? Would she know? "You're late." She informed him.

"Not that late." Newt barely opened his mouth. He definitely didn't want to get into it with her.

"Almost had to get Jack to go out looking for you." She said a bit snooty as usual.

"That's not necessary." He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "Besides, I was studying."

"Were you now?"

Newt smiled more than he wanted to. He'd just figured out their code word. Studying. Yeah, that's what they were doing. He and Anita.


mazzie may said...


simon n josh said...

He's thinking ahead there..I see.

the oaks said...

He's on the sly, I see.

ivyoaks said...

Definitely, can't wait for more.

elliestories said...

I can see him smiling. Really.