Wednesday, February 3, 2010

you are a contra

I had a feeling once
That you and I
Could tell each other everything
-vampire weekend

Newt wasn't coming, was he? Rae had decided. The nerve of him. Leading her on like this. Like he could make things better for her. A life without Gaz. What was she to do? Honestly.

1. she was starving.
2. she was locked in this room. it was useless to try to get out. obviously.
3. she needed drugs. for her sanity. she supposed. maybe Gaz had hooked her up one too many times. she didn't know, anymore.

But enough was enough. She was calling Gaz.

"You have to come get me?" She told him right away from her cell.

"Do I now? What makes you think I would?" He was harsh. So unkind.

"Because I need you." She begged.

"You bleed me dry, babe, I can't take much more of you and your abuse. You get so testy, you know." He explained.

"I DO NOT!" She demanded him to come for her.

"Jesus, shut the fuck up!" He fretted then. Of course, she had no idea if that was a YES or not.


ellie said...

Gaz is so mean. I like that song.

cait said...

I dunno if I'd want Gaz's help.

past the point said...

I dunno if she should have called him.

the oaks said...

Rae seems to be in a bad way.

The F Word Online said...

If i were her, I dont think i would've called him

xx lue

Holly said...

I bet she wishes she hasn't.

fan fic said...

Gaz sounds terrible. I have to wonder which one is worse.

Ivyoaks said...

this could get hostile.