Sunday, February 21, 2010

on the dance floor

Rae was a bit confused. Just what she was suppose to do at this rucous. So much noise. It was hard to think. It was as if she were in a well and they were all looking down at her. Men. Footballers. Maybe mobster. She couldn't tell.

"Just get them drunk." Sasha told her. "Thats all you need. And they'll be asleep before anything happens."

Rae knew that was wishful thinking. The crowd pushed her in, and away from Sasha. Evidently, it was show time. She guessed. She was pulled in to someone's table. Someone wanted a lap dance. Rae looked at the old fellow in horror. What was she to do? It was getting ugly. He felt her up and left some cash in side her dress. She slightly smiled as she tried to sway. Seeing, it didn't take much to get him off. Then there was another. And another. All giving her breast a feel and leaving her cash. It was working. She guessed. But she didn't want to do anything else. She was not a professional and didn't dare want to be one.

Someone asked her to dance, but it felt more like a stumble than anything. Really, it was all so dark and flashes of light coming from the dark and the music came like thunder, hitting her like a wave of turmoil. But she was getting the hang of it. Maybe she really knew what to do. She'd never been to something like this before. And obviously, it showed. They were looking, and they were expecting more.


elliestories said...

poor rae!

fan fic said...

That's so scary for her!

mazzie may said...

I hope she gets out of there.