Saturday, February 20, 2010

not this time

"Do you still think we might make it to that club in Chester?" Lauren rose on her elbows to see the time. It was well after midnight. She lay next to Josh in bed. He was in a deep sleep. It was so warm being next to him.

"What did you say, babe?" Josh was barely awake.

"The club, remember?" She looked at him.

"Could we just stay in, you know. Its cold outside. It'll be awful out there." He yawned.

She was completely devastated. She'd so wanted to get out of Hollyoaks, but she was stuck here in bed with Josh.

"We'll have plenty of chances, you know." It sounded like a promise as he reached for her and pulled her into him. He hugged her close then and kissed her mouth. She kissed him back. She was pleased to be with him. She had to remember that. But did he want to be seen with her?

"Do you think I should tell Sash about us?" She looked at him as his finger tips rested on her ass.

"Why should we?" He was awake now. "She'll ruin it, Laurie, she will. I know it."

"OK." She stared at him innocently as if she'd never say a word. He sounded almost angry about it. He kissed her tits then as if some thing had already started up. And it was all her doing.

Lauren just smiled. He was irresistible, sometimes. He was this blanket of warmth that seized her. She felt in a dream, already.

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elliestories said...

They seemed to be stuck like glue to each other.