Friday, February 19, 2010

a shot in the dark

Dave was certainly being sweet. Amy found herself smiling now. She was glad they'd spent sometime together. It took her mind off Ste. Josh. Lucas. All of them.

She'd been so depressed and lost for sometime now. She didn't even know why. It was pathetic. She was pathetic. And here's this guy with the sweetest smile. And when he talked to her, he seemed to want to know her. Amy couldn't think of that happening, ever again, in her fucked up life.

She just needed a really great holiday. But even down at Brighton Rock it had been lonely and horrid. She barely got by on her wits. It just seemed awful. Her life was awful. But he had her laughing about someone she knew in school. How some of his professors were. And they'd had a few drinks. She felt so warm. Now they were back at his place.

"You look lovely." He told her.

She didn't feel it, though. But then he kissed her, and she feel so woozy. She thought she might fall off the couch.

"Wo," he chuckled grabbing her hand, pulling her near him. "You, OK?"

"Yeah." She smiled. But she could hardly move.

He grabbed her then and put her over his shoulder like a rag doll. The next thing she knew  she was in his bed. It felt so heavenly. She smiled as she laid there in the golden candle light. Dave kissed her once more as he unbuttoned her dress and pushed his warm hand under her bra. She kissed him back without any hesitation.

They kissed for sometime while he undressed her. She was so sleepy. She thought she might be in a dream state as she felt his lips touch her belly her thighs. She felt so warm and sexy. But then he rolled her over. Her face in the pillow, and that's when she thought a sword might have shot through her. It was an awakening of what he'd really wanted all along, and she was under his control.


the oaks said...

Sometimes, I feel Amy deserves someone like that..but really not. He's just a tad evil.

heath and nick said...

I don't like dave.

simon n josh said...

Amy does not need him.

Bug said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend :)