Friday, February 26, 2010

so lucky

Theressa thought it would take forever to get there on foot. Just for some joy with 'shrooms. Randy grabbed a sleeping bag for the two of them. Finally, they'd made it to the old warehouse by the river.

"How do you know this place?" Randy said quietly.

"It doesn't matter, now does it?" She was tense.

"Sort of. You know, were you here with old flames?" He scowled.

"They were thick, all right. Thick in the head, bullies." She scowled back.

"You went here with a bully?" Randy was getting nervous.

"Jesus! Randy, we're alone. That's all that matters. Who gives a fuck about-" She shook her head. Then kissed him to make him forget. And it didn't take him much, to do so. She handed him a mouth full that looked no more than something dried up and useless. She took hers when he did his, and they crawled in the sleeping bag together.

"Did we really need to do this?" He laid there looking at the split roof above exposing itself to the heavens above.

"Yes, I want to do everything with you." She informed him.

"Everything?" He looked at her then.

"Shut it. Just let it work, will you?" She stared to the skies. He kissed her cheek and then her lips. They caressed each other. And then it started to snow. After a bit, It was like fireflies in the air  stirring around, dancing about...or the stars had came down around them. It glowed. Everything glowed. Ricky started to laugh. So did Theressa. She gave a happy sigh. Everything was going to be OK, after all.


a jacob black tale said...

well, time to gether..none the less.

elliestories said...

oh..what an interesting end.