Saturday, February 27, 2010

say it ain't so

Newt thought he might still be in a dream when he started on his way home after walking Anita to her place. He was all smiles. It was official. They were together. He didn't care about rings or necklaces or the like. Nor having to make toast to boast down at the Dog about their love. He just didn't care who knew and didn't. It was just the two of them that mattered.

It was happening. They were together. Now if only Frankie would just let her move in. That wasn't going happen. He wouldn't want Anita around Frankie nor Jake nor God forbid, horrid Darren the drunk. God, was that what happened to you if you stayed in Hollyoaks?

Really, if he had his way about it, he'd runaway with Anita. They could live on their own. Not in this one horse town where everyone knew your business. It made him sick to think of their future here. No, he wanted to keep his mind on Anita's kiss. Her skin next to him. It was a beautiful thing. He just had to keep it real.

But then he saw a figure dart out down the alley.

Was that who he thought it might be? Some one was on the run, and Newt pulled up his hoodie and took off after who ever it was. Hopefully, it was just who he needed to find.

So he sprinted behind just to see where she'd go. Naturally, she was lost.

"Rae!" He whispered.

She turned around in the streetlight. He grabbed her from behind.

"Where you been!"

She kept her mouth closed and shook her head no.

"What is it?" He touched her cheek then and she hugged him tight.

"Hide me! Please!" Here they'd go again.

"I thought you were dead?" Newt winced. She told him then about Ste. How he'd burned down the library.

"Maybe we should call the cops?" Newt hated to snitch, but this might be the perfect timing to get Ste in the slammer.

She shook her head, no. She was afraid of him.

"I just want to be away from them." She sniffed tears.

"Fine." Newt bit his upper lip, not sure where to go. He didn't know that many hideouts. And the one he was using at the moment was for he and Anita. He knew she wouldn't be too happy to see Rae. Newt guessed, he'd have to sneak Rae to his place.


ellie said...

I'm glad she found Newt again..I hope.

Cait said...

At least Newt can help her.

elliestories said...

lets hope this was a good idea.

the oaks said...

I dunno. Newt is a good guy, right?