Thursday, February 11, 2010

thinking it through

Newt wasn't sure how to get a handle on this. He didn't want to leave the scene. As of yet, no dead bodies had been found inside the library.

What if Rae had been a figment of his imagination all along? Then what was Anita? Maybe nothing had happened with her, either. It was all in that foggy head of his. But there Anita was with that look that she knew him far better now than he even knew himself.

"Are you all right?" She didn't have a chance to ask until lunch.

"Yeah, of course." He winced.

"I'm sure the library will be just fine." She smiled. "I'm sure we needed  a new one, as it was. It was so old and the books were so old." She sighed watching him pick at his mac and cheese.

"Suppose." He didn't feel like talking. What if Rae was really dead? It would be all his fault. He'd locked her in that attic for her own good. He just wanted to keep her from harms way. Actually. God, what a nutter he was. A genuine nutter. What if she didn't exist to begin with? Just when he thought he was getting better, he didn't know, anymore. All these doubts.

"You want to study this afternoon, don't you?" Anita broke his train of thought.

"What?" He looked up at her puzzled.

"Studying, that special place, remember." She was very seductive in her look as her lips pursed as if she might kiss him right this movement.

How could he forget yesterday? He felt as if he might melt at the thought.

"Yeah, of course." He tried his best to act natural about it. "Its biology, isn't it? We have to work on." He bit his bottom lip. He was catching on. So was she. She almost laughed, but she drank her milk instead.


ellie said...

Newt and his real and not so real life.

heath and nick said...

poor newt!

fan fic said...

Newt's a smart guy.