Tuesday, March 2, 2010

behind the wardrobe

There weren't too many places they could go in that little room of Newt's. The best he could do was share his bed with Rae.

Newt found his arms wrapped around her as the morning light hit the curtains. Was it a school day? He couldn't quite remember as he yawned with a squint. Naturally, Rae was sacked out. Where in the world was he going to hide her?

Think Newt. Think! Just his luck his alter ego would appear. The romantic one. The emo kid. Just his luck.

"Well do you know a place or not?" He asked his emo self sitting there right next to him that no one else could see.

"Yeah, I know lots of places." Emo Newt's eyes lits. "What about it?"

"For fuck's sake, are you going to help me or not?" Newt winced.

"All right." Emo Newt lit a lighter as if they'd have to go in to the attic.

"I'm sick of attics." Newt flinched.

"Then I know nothing else." But Emo Newt let him to a place in his closet that pushed into another closet..or a hidden room.

"Is this for real?" Newt looked around in the dark as Emo Newt held up the light.

"Would I shit you?" Emo Newt looked back at him.

"I'm afraid you have." Newt quipped back.

"Wake her up, will you? Tell her she has to get out of your room before Frankie gets here." Naturally, Emo Newt always seemded to have the answers so Newt did as he said.

"Promise, I'll bring you breakfast, soon as I can." Newt told Rae, who just nodded and went to hide in the dark room behind his wardrobe.


ellie said...

emo newt verses newt..cool.

the oaks said...

Oh..he's going schizo..is he..fun fun..=D

fan fic said...

this is getting better and better!!!

cass and cady said...

very intersting..Newt with an alter-ego.