Monday, March 1, 2010

nobody knows where he goes

"What do you mean! You don't know where in the fuck she is?" Ste was in a mood now, thanks to Sasha.

Sure, it had been sweet and amazing when he fucked her last night, but now, this wasn't the first thing he wanted to hear before he had his first cup of coffee. Thankfully, Loretta was down stairs making breakfast. He said he'd make the bed, but he felt like throwing the covers in the floor.

"Shut it! Will you! Find that slapper!" He hung up on her then. But there was a call coming in. This time Abi. She wanted to see him.

"As soon as Loretta goes, OK." What the fuck would she want? He wondered now. So many women, definitely not enough time of day.

It was total chaos trying to take over Warren's affiliates. Jesus, it could wear a man down. He just had one cock. But he just couldn't keep it zipped up. Naturally, it was locked and loaded. He was suppose to hate Abi, but he didn't. He wasn't sure what it was with her. Sure, she had his kid. Well, she wanted his kid. But she had Lucas. And it was fine with him because he didn't have time for him. Amy, didn't care. Who knew what sort of shit was going on with Abi now. Probably needed more cash.

As it was, he wasn't even suppose to be at Loretta's, but Jake was away, so he'd crashed here when he could. She didn't seem to mind. So after breakfast, he promised to clean up. She had to be off to work. Naturally, Abi showed up as soon as Loretta was around the corner.

The dishes were soaking in the sink.

"Let me help you." She offered as her finger tips touched the suds.

"No, that's not what I'm thinking about when I see you, you know." Ste grinned and put his hands around her waist.

Abi smiled back.

"I have some news." She slightly turned toward him. "I wanted to share it, in person."

"What's that?" He hated to be teased.

"I'm expecting." She bit her bottom lip so sweetly.

"Huh, imagine that? Whens it due?" He smelled her hair then and pulled her closer to his hard cock that could hardly wait to be inside her.

"By late summer." She sighed.

He kissed her then. They had something to celebrate. He wasn't waiting to get upstairs. They could do it here in the kitchen.


ellie said...

Ste gets around.

cass and cady said...

He most defitely gets around.

the oaks said...

Ste must think he's something.

The F Word Online said...

i agree with what everyones saying. he definitely gets around

xx lue