Saturday, March 6, 2010

if only their had been tea

"How long can you stay?" Josh hoped for at least a couple hours. It wasn't exacty tea-time, but why not call it that? He looked at Lauren who was just as happy to see him as he was her.

He shut the door behind her and gave her a long kiss as if they hadn't seen each other in ages instead of just this morning and last night.

"Promise me, we'll go out." She looked up at him as if she didn't want to stay in permanently.

"Right?" He'd have to think about that as she tugged at his belt loops. He smirked then thinking of something much better. "How about you get comfortable."

Her smile was sweet as he unbuttoned the top of her uniform. Soon they were back to a place that might as well have been their sanctuary of refuge. His bed. And she had nothing on but her black socks. Josh felt quite dizzy then as she started to pull off the thigh highs.

"No, keep them on." He smiled. She made him feel so alive. Those thoughts of Dave were almost forgotten. Completely in fact. Especially, when she went down on him. It was so impressive and exhalarating. Yes, yes, he would be good to her. He'd take her anywhere she liked.

He bit his bottom lip thinking he wanted to be with her always. Always like this. Every afternoon. Where in the hell had she learned something so delightful? He wouldn't dare ask as his eye lids squeezed tight at the marvel. It was was...

And then someone banged on the door.

"Josh! Josh! Are you in there!" It was Sasha.

Everything stopped. Josh squinted hard thinking what horrible timing.

"Hide," he whispered. "I'll get rid of her." He pointed to the wardrobe. He threw his T-shirt to her.

Lauren put it on and went into the wardrobe. He tucked her clothes under the bed as quickly as he could and tried to get on his jeans. But he couldn't find a shirt. He had to go to the door without a shirt.

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the oaks said...

oh the suspense.