Sunday, March 7, 2010

a wish or two

Sasha was ready to spill everything to Josh. Tell him all the bad things that Ste was up too. She couldn't take this, anymore. It was making her life impossible. How long could she be his slave?

"Were you busy?" Sasha looked at him, shirtless. He was so harmless. Nothing like Ste. Why couldn't she be with someone sweet like Josh? When would life ever get better for her?

"No." Josh shook his head and looked at Sasha as if he had all the time in the world for her.

"I wish things were easy." She pressed her lips tight. "I want to leave Hollyoaks."

"But you have classes and your family is here. What about Lauren?" Josh put his arms around her so she cry into his shoulder.

"Its for the best. Its not easy." She sniffed.

"What's going on?" Josh looked at her then with his hands on her shoulders.

"It doesn't matter." She squinted.

"It does. It really does matter. I want to help you, Sash, if you'll let me." He stared at her intently.

"I can't. I wouldn't want any harm to come to you." She remained even-lipped.

"Please, will you tell me what this is really about." He sat down with her on the couch with his arm around her.

"You've been my best friend forever, Josh." She sighed as her fingers touched his chest and she found warmth resting her head on his chest.

"Is this all Jamie's doing?" Josh pried.

"Jamie?" She didn't even know him. She'd said she did. It was only a lie. She shook her head, no. Really, she didn't want to talk about it as she looked up into his eyes. They were so sincere and sweet. She wanted to forget everything. Even for a little while. She kissed Josh's mouth then.


fan fic said...

Sasha & Josh or Lauren & Josh..hmmmm...

elliestories said...

which will he choose?