Sunday, March 14, 2010

its such a mystery

Josh couldn't resist.

It was pure bliss with Sasha just as he'd expected so long ago when they were in school. He'd so wanted to know what it was like to be this close. It was nothing like being with Lauren. It was as if she was a professional of some kind.

She kissed him so hard. He knew where this was going. It was damn fasinating. Ahd couldn't help to at least finger her during this sweet moment. He doubted it got farther than that, but it did. They were going all the way in the livingroom on the sofa. Lauren was in the other room.

Josh couldn't think about her. He didn't ask questions. He just went with it. Finally he went up with air, but she had his shirt off, and they were back in action.

"I want us to leave town." She said in the next breath. He'd have to think about that. He was hard and on top, and he felt he'd was going for the whole pie here before the main course arrived. And the moment had definitely arrived. She was letting him in, and it felt like the very first time. This was it. Intercourse.

Josh couldn't help but smile as he made his little moves, rushing in fast. So fast. Then suddenly, it accured to him. He wasn't that crazy about intercourse. Really. But he couldn't wince now. He had to keep going. Going, working, struggling, focusing..yeah, it was coming back. He hadn't gone completely limp, especially, when she pinched his nipples hard. It was going to happen like a crash landing.


meg said... could he!

ellie said...

he is so asking for it.

fan fic said...

Oh ..Josh..he's probably always wanted to be with Sasha.

Ivyoaks said...

Josh and Sasha. Poor Lauren.