Friday, March 12, 2010

what's it to you

Theressa stopped in her tracks when the coppers came to the school. It was somthing about the boy in the woods. The footballer.

"We've been told you were the last to see Colin Winston last night." The copper was so formal. Theressa could barely take her eyes off the man's golden eyes. She shook with fear, hoping he didn't notice.

"Me?" Her big blueberry eyes stared back. "Are you sure, they weren't going on about some other Theressa."  She thought she was about to fall over, but Rickey grabbed her arm.

"She was with me, sir." Rickey spoke up in her behave. "We studied. All night long in fact." Rickey gave Theressa a look then.

"Yes, we have revisions. I was not at that party. The bonfire in the woods." Theressa nodded.

"I hope you are telling us the truth. Colin Winston is in a coma." The copper informed her.

"What?" Theressa winced. That couldn't be true. It couldn't be. Yes, she'd hit him in the head with a rock. But it was defense. God, what was she going to do. She looked at Rickey.

"Honestly, I-I wasn't there. I was with my boyfriend, Rickey." She smiled. It was now are never to say it was true. Her boyfriend was a geek, and she didn't care. She just needed him to hold her up to get her through this. God, she didn't want to be a murder.


the oaks said...

At least she admitted who Rickey was to her.

heath and nick said...

I wonder how that guy is doing?

meg said...

How sad.

Cait said...

hmm..its like she might be stronger than she ever knew she was..and yet to have something so bad to happen too.