Monday, March 22, 2010

an order to it

Sasha was fucking rich. Josh couldn't quite believe it. He saw how she'd bought the tickets.

"Where you been keeping the cash, babe?" Josh whispered in her ear as they were safe now on the train to London.

"Who do you think?" She kissed him lovely then, and Josh blinked wondering if Lauren was still in his wardrobe waiting for him. What a prat he was, he knew in his head. Going off with her big sis, so suddenly. But damn, it felt so right. Brilliant, in fact. She could definitely be the master of his domain, anyday.

Of course, Lauren had been so sweet and innocent. He'd miss her bum, if he thought much of her now. And he didn't want to. Especially with his arm around Sasha, and her tucked under his arm. He felt her hand softly coming around to grip something in his pants. She had a way of making him undone and geared up for whatever she wanted.

She kissed him as if time was on their side.

"What is it we'll do in London, babe?" He resisted just a bit between the dark tunnels.

"Why we'll visit my brother first." She bit at his bottom lip then.

"Oh." There was a plan, after all. But first, there was that business of a blow job to take care of.

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