Thursday, March 25, 2010

here and back again

Anita couldn't resist.

OK, it had been a bad day.

1. no Newt at school.
2. no Newt at home, either.
3. she went to their secret place and he wasn't there. It was if she was on her own now.
4. he wouldn't answer his damn cell, either.

Naturally, Theressa came clean about Rickey.

"So he is your boyfriend!" Anita felt like pulling Theressa's hair out now, but she didn't. Instead, she let Rickey have it. She slapped him hard.

"Thanks for all the shit you've put me through!" OK, she should have said this to Newt, but since he wasn't around, Rickey would have to do.

"What the fuck was that for?" Rickey's ego was hurt, as well. His small hand touched his red cheek.

"You know what its for, you miserable fuck." Anita was bitter. "Leading me on, making me suffer and the whole time you're with that slapper!" Anita pointed to Theressa.

"But she loves me." Rickey said he didn't want to start anything. After all it was getting late in the park. He had better things to do than be in a fight with Anita.

Naturally, the two left her to her own devices. She was alone now and she feared the worse. She'd lost Newt too. If only her were here, she might beat him up too.


meg said...

The truth comes out.

ellie said...

I'd be bitter too..if I were Anita.

cait said...

where in the world is Newt!

Iva said...


hope you are having a great weekend!!

Ivyoaks said...

anita needs newt.

lily said...

wonder what's next for her.