Thursday, April 22, 2010

getting with the program

"Pray tell, what you got in mind, babe?" Gaz didn't know what Lauren wanted. They were out in broad daylight. He didn't want Ste getting close to their idea.

"Did he find new slappers?" Lauren wanted to know.

"Yeah, no problem in the village. Hollyoak lasses are easy." He grinned.

"Nothing new there." She sighed looking over her shoulder at Anita who was in a pout.

"What's she doing here?" Gaz scowled.

"What? You have a problem with Needy?" Lauren's eyes lit.

"The name alone is a problem, now isn't it?" Gaz gritted. He'd prefer if it were just the two of them. "Tell her, she's not needed."

"But we might need a distraction. You think?" Lauren winced.

"A distraction? How so?" Gaz winced. "Is their a plan, you aren't telling me?"

"I'm getting there." She blazed a smile then as if she might be the new sheriff in town. "What we need is cash, isn't it?"


"And do you know where to get it?" The real question. "Where does Ste keep his cash?"

Gaz would have to think on that one.

"What's Needy got to do with this?" Gaz wanted to know as if he would be jealous immediately if Anita didn't take a stroll, elsewhere.

"Simple. A distraction. What else." Lauren kept her eye on him. "She'll be Ste's new slapper. And you know how he likes to try things out first, now don't you?"

Gaz's lips turned up at the end. He liked the idea.

"Got any drugs?" Lauren asked.

"Why?" Gaz hoped it was important.

"Why? To get her sexed up for one, and the other to have Ste right where we want him." She whispered in his ear.

Gaz slightly wavered. She kissed him then as if this plan should have been started yesterday.


ellie said...

He couldn't be jealous, could he?

fan fic said...

Gaz seems moody too.

misty said...

Looks like trouble.

meg said...

well..we do know who's in charge.