Thursday, April 15, 2010

maybe so

Dave was not having a laugh with Ames. She was a down right whiner and a pathetic downer. Really, what had he got himself into with her? Just a real killjoy, in fact.

"I don't like her much." He told Josh this down at the Dog. Josh came back but without Sasha.

"Well, it fell through with Sash and even more so with Lauren. My own damn fault. I suppose." Josh nursed a lager now as if his troubles might go away if he just stuck himself to the barstool.

"You're a lush, you know." Dave wanted him to snap out of it. Birds came and went, but Josh was generally there for him.

"I'm certainly not." Josh winced.

"Yeah, that's what a lush would say, as well." Dave pursed his lips as well. Shit, how ever was he gonna get Ames out of his flat? Was she in love with him? Did he fuck'n care? Of course, not.

"Don't suppose you'd help me, would you?" Dave came so close to brushing Josh's hair out of his face. But that would just be wrong, wouldn't it? He'd get him drunk for his prime situation.

"Help you with what?" Josh was in a bit of a pisser mood.

"Um, Ames, she's not all she's cracked up to be, you know." Dave informed him.


"Have you fucked her, mate?" Dave then asked.

"I suppose I have, can't remember that far back." Josh sighed.

"Well, it must have been forgettable." Dave told him.

"Possibly." Josh nodded.

Dave just smiled. He so enjoyed the fact that Josh hadn't a clue what they might embark on.


Ivyoaks said...

Dave. Dave. Dave. Some of those lines about Amy.

lily said...

Oh, Dave and unlikely pair.

misty said...

Josh needs not to drink so much.