Tuesday, April 13, 2010

taking charge

"What happened to you?" Anita asked as she followed Lauren back. "You've changed."

"I haven't." Lauren wouldn't look at her. Kissing Anita was just a wake up. That's what it was. Nothing more. Nothing less. Anita had to get her head out of the doldrums before it was too late.

"Why did you fuck'n kiss me!" Anita demanded then.

"Because you're a shit, otherwise." Lauren finally winced back at her. "Needy, you're a whiner, a self-aborbed ninny. Forget Newt. You are better without him. You are. And if I can give you any indication in a kiss that there is more out there than that pain-staking prick. Then it was worth it."

"You mean? I'm not gay?" Anita looked at her puzzled.

"No, just a stupid little girl who can kiss a lass and if she can do that, then you can get it on with anyone. And well, I need a whorish attitude if you're going to help me with this Ste situation." Lauren squinted bitterly.

"What Ste situation?" Anita shrugged.

"He has hurt my sister." Lauren was matter of affect. "She's lost all respect for herself. That is why I've chosen a few to be in my gang to bring him down."

"A gang? You can't be serious." Anita scowled.

"Oh, but I am. I have you and Gaz." She pursed her lips then.

"Since when?" Anita scowled more.

"Since you kissed me, bitch."

Anita looked at her blankly. "What?"

"You know you want me." Lauren sassed. "Only you can't. I'm already taken. Its just I have to whip him into shape."


cait said...

lauren's on the war path.

meg said...

I'm glad we got that straightened out.

misty said...

Lauren will whip her into shape.

Anonymous said...

Gwan gal!

Holly said...

I saw the pic of anita and lauren..and I just had to use it.