Thursday, May 20, 2010

here and back again

Newt had to find Anita before it was too late. Too late. Before he turned into Emo boy Newt.

He hated himself. It just wasn't right. He was torn. He did love Anita, but his Emo boy loved Rae. What the fuck could he do? Take more pills and feel like shit? Really, what was to become of him?

He didn't know where in the hell Rae was. He just wanted out of her life. Had he done something to her?

He blinked then. Thinking hard. Had he left her bleeding. Had he?

He shivered so then as if he was truly sick in the head. He didn't want to hurt, anyone.

Finally, he made it back to the streets of Hollyoaks in the wee hours of the morning. He'd stumbled off the train and back to the The Dog. It was quiet and sleepy. No one was ready to pounce on him. He supposed he'd find Anita asleep. But after a lager or two, he went to check on her. She was not fast asleep anywhere.

Newt couldn't believe it. She, leaving him high and dry like this. Just as he was about to sneak back into his own room, he met Anita in the alley.

"Where the fuck, you been?" He winced as if this get up of black lace corset of hers was making him hot and disgusted at the same moment.

"None of your shitty business." She was testy. A down right harlot.

Newt grabbed her shoulders. "You have to listen to me. You have too." He told her.

"But why. You leave me, to fuck someone else." She was disgruntled and flung away from him.

"No, I didn't." He promised. "Please, lets just go to our place. Sort this out. You'll see. I want to be honest with you. I do. I'd never hurt you. I totally wouldn't." He squeezed her tight then as if he meant it. He just wanted them to be complete, again.


he and him said...

I so love Newt and his warped personality.

he and him said...

I so love Newt and his warped personality.

miley and tim said...

I dunno if he can get back into her good graces.

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