Monday, May 24, 2010

let it be

Lauren let the bills wash over her in bed. It was glorious. So much money at her fingertips.

"I love it!"

They'd made it to a little seashore hostle. Nothing fancy. Actually. They had the goods with them and she was alone while Gaz showered.

They clearly needed to reinvent themselves. She and Gaz. But how? What would they do?

Now if only Lorretta and Abby would fix Ste. Making him a plough horse of some kind. Bring home the bacon, honestly.

She smiled hearing Lorretta shout about how she had Ste's kiddie on the way. Abby too. It was hilarious.

"That fucker needed to be fucked over." At least she hadn't killed him. Maybe he wished she had. But he'd left it to Anita to take care of him. It was so rotten. Funny, how she got a natural high on all of this.

Finally, she made her way to Gaz who was still showering. Really, he was the best. He was. And when she touched his chest, she knew they were meant to be. The warm shower was going cold. But they had each other and she let her raw body crawl up him. She hung on tight. Letting him slip inside to make her feel whole. To let it begin again. She had everything she wanted now.


he and him said...

I just had to laugh at that one line.

ellie said...

She is a bit rotten.

meg said...

I'm not sure if I should admit what line I liked best. =P

axel said...

she's something for sure.

fan fic said...

yeah..that was one cool line there..for sure.

Meg said...

I could use a seashore holiday!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, wouldn't it be messed up if Lauren got pregnant (for real)? That would fuck up their plans for sure, haha. I'm sure Gaz would rise to the challenge but Lauren would unleash hell.