Monday, May 10, 2010

so there you go

Seriously, Anita had no idea if she was doing this wrong or not. Possibly. But Ste was obviously happy to see her.

"Why the fuck didn't I think of this sooner. You're a fuck'n genuis." He was all smiles as he watched her get into the contraption. The dong just hung there like perfection. "Sweet."

She just stared at him as if she were a professional of some kind and had no emotion tacked to this proceedure.

"Is there anything else?" She was cold. She wanted this done quickly. But he had to play with his cock at bit as if would help his imagination. Finally he dropped his trousers and went face down on the futon.

Anita hesitated. Finally she coaxed herself into it and pressed in a little.

"More." He told her. "More."

Anita felt more confident now. She had an attitude. She was beginning to think this power might give her an orgasm too.


misty said...


degrassi after hours said...

what's this gonna do to Anita?

fan fic said...

gotta wonder about all this.

Holly said...

Honestly..I had no idea that Hollyoaks was gonna write Lauren off like this. I wonder if Gaz will be around.

Really so unexpected.

kanishk said...

I think its unexpected.
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