Wednesday, May 5, 2010

do it

"Just do it, will you." Lauren hadn't meant to get testy with Gaz. But Anita could only buy them so much time. They needed to get in and get out. Quick. "You do remember the code, don't you?"

Gaz didn't say a word as he channeled his energy on the safe and its contents.

"What do we do when we're done?" Gaz looked over at Lauren.

"Why run? of course." She looked back at him.

He went back to work trying to remember Ste's combination. They needed this. If this didn't happen, all would be lost. What was the point of all this?

Finally, a click. It was open. There was cash. Lots of it. He saw Lauren's stare.

"Sweet Jesus, its a jackpot." She grabbed some of the bills.

"Not so greedy, aye?" He scowled then.

"Sweets, you know, it yours and mine. No one elses." She smiled. They snogged then as if it were a mini-celbration. "Well, come on, babe, lets motor."

She needed to get the hell of the village to sort this out. It would take some doing for a comeback.


fan fic said...

OK..gotta wonder what's next for these 2.

jeremy's turn said...

We know who's really in charge here!

meg said...

can't wait to find out what's next!!

axel said...

looks like trouble.

ellie said...

just a bit fussy.

fan fic said...

I wonder what they are up too.

kanishk said...

I think looks like trouble.
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