Saturday, June 12, 2010

a bitter moment

"Shit." Ste wasn't sure if it was worth cracking a smile about. It wasn't. He could clearly see he'd been had by the wolves. His money gone. Most of it, anyway. He'd hid a little here and there at places he'd slept. In the mattress. The floorboards. But most of it was in that safe. Most of it.

God, he was angry. So mad. Who would have done this?

Gaz was the only one he could think of. He was out for blood now. Out for it.

Didn't help that his 2 pregnant mistresses showed up at once. Abby and Loretta.

It would be hell to pay. Half dressed and sucked dry. This would not do. He had to regroup and get it right. No one did this to Ste. No one.

"Don't look at me like that?" He winced by the glares of those two. "Go, fuck yourself, why don't you?" Of course, he'd want to watch. Maybe he should film it. That was an idea. Clever, he smiled.

"Hold still. Let me film you two. Aye. We need the cash, you know. Money doesn't grow an trees, now does it." He reminded them.

He knew they wanted to have it out with him. But who was their bread and butter? He was.

"Now make me proud, babes?" He was setting up the camera. Honestly, he knew he'd have to have his part in the threesome. He always liked being the star of the show.


meg said...

turning those lemons into lemonade.

lucy and sarah said...

he's so bad.

simon and josh said...

what else will he be up to?

he and him said...

he's bad to the bone.

Fenny said...

he's bad

ellie said...

Ste is evil.