Thursday, June 24, 2010

the buzz

Lauren was afraid she'd hurl. She awoke with an urge to purge, and she wasn't sure why. She rushed to the bathroom. She was ill. Definitely. She shook, then a sweat, finally the chills. It was awful. She sat there in the floor trying to hold on to herself.

What was happening to her?

"Babe? What is it?" Gaz wanted to know. He struggled to find his way to the bathroom. He'd been in a very deep sleep.

"Sick." She just managed to say.

"Fuck." He winced as if he might be sick from the smell. "Just don't sit there. Come back to bed."

"What? So you can fuck me?" She shook her head, no. She was in no mood. She wanted some time to herself. To think what was wrong. What could have possibly gone wrong now? They had the cash. They were free of Hollyoaks.

Tears came to her eyes as if a ghost sank into her.

She thought of Josh. How it had been with him. She shook her head, no. Couldn't have been. Because it wasn't proper fucking. He'd left her virgin, now hadn't he? Hadn't he?


Anonymous said...

Fucking interesting!
I laaav it, can't wait til the next one.

ellie said...

oh what could this be????

Holly said...

Thanks guys..umm..I hope to write more soon. You gave me a smile today.

misty said...

Could this mean, what I think it means???

he and him said...

OH NO...

lucy and sarah said...

Oh, Lauren. =D