Thursday, July 22, 2010

waking up

Josh's cell rang. He hated to wake Dave who slumbered next to him. Wasn't it early morning, still?

He squinted hard to get out of bed. Of course, he hadn't a thing on. He grabbed his nickers and his cell and hurried into the other room.

"Josh, finally." It was Sasha. He barely recognized her voice.

"What is it?" He tried to keep his voice low in the kitchen as he went to put on a brew. He guessed he was wrong about the time. More like noon.

"You on a spy mission or something?" She said bitterly then.

"No." He squinted hard once more as the heat came on and leaned there at the kitchen counter. This was not what he needed. He knew her big secret. Her and that romance with her brother in London. It was quite disgusting. No wonder he'd gone mad and slept with Dave now. He had to get it out of his head.

"Have you seen my sister?" Sasha lashed out then.

"No." Josh kept his lips tight as he hugged his bare self while on the phone with her.

"I bet she's with Gaz." Sasha assumed.

"And how would you know such shit?" Josh wanted to know.

"Just a hunch. She's been unnerving lately. I know, she's fucking someone." Sasha told him.

Josh slightly squirmed then. Could Sasha possibly know he'd been with her sister?"

"Would you just keep an eye out on her, please." Sasha begged.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Josh was a tad cross about this. No way, did he want to see Lauren now. Really, was Sasha out of her mind?

"LOOK FOR HER YOU, WANKER!" Sasha demanded then. Her voice was so cruel it made him jump. He reckoned he had too or she might hurt him if he didn't.


meg said...

what a moment!

lucy and sarah said...


Keith said...

Wow! Sasha is freaking me out.

knk said...

its beautiful

sounds amazing

Syed (dapper kid) said...

Woah, Sasha is pretty fierce!

The F Word Online said...

hey girl ! its been a while since ive been on the blogosphere, but i still love the stories. great reads. hope all is well !

xx lue

emily said...

great writing, i'm loving all the blogs with story posts i'm coming across!

Anonymous said...

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